Tax returns

Optimiser, simplifier, sécuriser : Ensemble pour votre déclaration d'impôts

Taxr returns

Our team prepares your tax returns, ensures their accuracy and helps you optimize your tax situation. We guide you through tax regulations to minimize risks and unnecessary costs.

what we offer

  1. VAT returns: We prepare and submit value-added tax (VAT) returns to ensure full compliance with tax requirements. We help you manage your VAT credits, determine the exact amount of VAT payable, and avoid errors. 
  2. Corporate income tax returns: We calculate and prepare corporate tax returns, taking into account your revenues, expenses and profits. We advise you on best practices to reduce your tax burden in compliance with tax laws.
  3. Income tax returns : For the self-employed and sole traders, we prepare tax returns and help you optimize your tax deductions. We ensure that all sources of income are taken into account to avoid any non-compliance problems.
  4. Social and payroll declarations: We prepare social declarations, including social security contributions, pension contributions and other compulsory contributions. We also manage payroll-related tax aspects, such as withholding taxes and employee income tax returns.
  5.  Tax advice: We provide advice to help you optimize your tax situation, whether through tax credits, deductions, or other tax strategies. We keep you informed of changes in tax legislation that could affect your business.