Entrepreneurial support

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Entrepreneurial support

We assist entrepreneurs in setting up or taking over a business, providing advice on legal structure, financing and accounting management. We help you build a solid foundation for your business.

What we offer

  1. Business creation : 

    We guide you through the business creation process, including the choice of legal structure (SARL, SAS, EURL, etc.), the drafting of the statutes and registration with the competent authorities.
    We advise you on the tax and accounting aspects linked to business creation.

  2. Business Plan and Strategy:

    We help you develop a solid business plan, including financial projections, growth objectives and marketing strategies.
    We provide you with advice to position your business on the market and attract investors or partners.

  3. Financing and Investment:

    We help you identify funding sources, such as bank loans, grants, private investors, or crowdfunding platforms.
    We advise you on the best financial structure for your business and help you negotiate with investors.

  4. Accounting and Tax Management:

    We help you set up an efficient accounting system, adapted to the size and complexity of your business.
    We advise you on tax management and help you prepare the required tax returns and accounting documents.

  5. Human Resources Consulting:

    We advise you on recruitment, management of employment contracts, and compliance with labor laws.
    We help you implement human resources policies that support the growth of your business.

  6. Continuous support:

    We offer ongoing support to answer your questions and help you overcome entrepreneurial challenges.
    We advise you on best practices for growing your business and help you adapt to market changes.